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10-Aug-2017 21:35

And while we would love to bring every single one of your suggestions to life, we are still humans with fairly average skills in web development. Be sure to leave your suggestions down below or at the appropiate forum topic! We at Sonic SCANF would like to inform you on an important matter that will affect the entirety of our site.As many of you know, we have been uploading the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man comics on our website for fans to enjoy for Unsurprisingly, this is considered on almost any front illegal, as Archie Comic Publications Inc. While we have been considering alternate methods to assist Archie, ultimately we came to a final decision.We are looking for additions both inside and preferably outside of the forums, so keep the ideas coming and who knows, maybe your idea will be part of Scanf's future!We as the Sonic Scanf staff will take every suggestion into consideration and will take a serious look at them.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sonic Jump Fever celebrates Christmas early this year.By collecting 400 presents scattered throughout the game, you unlock Silver the Hedgehog!

If you're not familiar with the app stores, you can also click one of the links below!Therefore, we would ask you to please accept the statement and not request us to continue uploading the comics.It would be disrespectful to both Archie Comics and us, and our decision won’t change. If not, thank you for your time and supporting our website. For those who have been reading since before the reboot lawsuit by Ken Penders, will remember the older storyline and how it had no closure to its storylines.Sonic and Eggman could suffer much more serious redesign, and Lyric (the main villain of the game) was originally owl.

In addition, Chao were considered, whose appearance differs greatly compared to the other games.Please be considerate and realistic in what you suggest.

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