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The vocalist was a woman, singing about other women. She seemed to be floating a few inches off the floor. The only decorations were a large painting of two voluptuous naked women embracing and a large mirror on the wall behind the head of the bed. She wrapped her arms around Bobby's and Kathy's waists and pulled them in front of the mirror.

There were pillows scattered on the expensive rug in the middle of the wood floor, but no furniture. They sat in a rough circle on the pillows, sipping the wine and listening to the music. "Told you." "Yes you did." Bobby's voice echoed around the room. A dresser, nightstand, and straight chair took up most of the remaining space. "I'd done every girl in my neighborhood by the time I left for college." The heat between Bobby's legs built as Andy kneaded her breasts and pinched her swollen nipples.

" Bobby slid her middle finger between Andy's pussy lips. Bobby and Andy kissed open-mouthed while rubbing tits and fingering each other's pussies. "I've got a few." She opened the box, revealing a dazzling multicolored array of vibrators and dildos. 'Cheeky Anal Vibe.' Says so on the website." "What do you want to do? "I'm available." She peeled off her tight blue jeans and plain white boyshorts and stood naked in front of Bobby and Kathy. And hard." "But that's back in Austin," Bobby said. Andy held on, thrusting her tongue into Kathy's pussy and keeping her climax going. "Jeez, that was good." She took Andy in her arms and kissed her. "Just horny." "Good." Andy put her hands on Bobby's breasts and kissed her again. " Andy caught Bobby's and Kathy's hands and put them on her breasts. The nipple pressing against Bobby's palm was pebble-hard. "I've never seen two guys doing it." "Then we had an orgy." Kathy added. Doing everything with each other." Trav liked teasing Bobby's ass with a fingertip while fucking her doggy-style. "Almost everything." "I'm a dyke who likes boys," Andy said. Andy was looking at their tall athletic bodies with wide eyes.

" Andy put her hands over Bobby's and Kathy's hands, pressing them against her little tits. They stared at her tiny tits and the neat little lips protruding from her shaved pussy. "We've got a party right here." She and Kathy took off their blouses and bras.

." Andy gripped Bobby's hips and pulled their bodies together. Tender yet demanding, with just the right amount of tongue. "Your turn." Bobby's nipples grew hard and the warmth between her legs built as she watched her girlfriend kissing Andy.