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Commissioned by the Treasury, exasperated with decades of continual delays and cost increases to warship construction, the report is concise and written in clear layman’s language.The 34 recommendations are eminently sensible and the report has generated at least temporarily, a warm and fuzzy feeling of consensus and optimism.The RN is also likely to be wary of Sir John recommending they avoid costly mid-programme design changes.Typically an officer appointed to the Mo D for a two year involvement in a project that may run for over a decade makes a change to the design, perhaps motivated by a desire to be seen to be .Pointedly Admiral Jones has rejected the suggestion the RN had been “too picky and demanding” in the past.Unfortunately the Civil Service is not known for its agility and enthusiasm to implement radical internal structural changes.

He clearly likes the BMT Venator-110 design and its modular concept that can offer a menu of configurations for the RN and most importantly, export customers.

The meaning remains even as college football loses some sight of the individual matchups to place almost all its attention on the national championship. This will be a tough one to get over.” Navy Midshipmen running back Malcolm Perry carries the ball en route to scoring a touchdown against the Army Black Knights in the second quarter of the 118th Army Navy game at Lincoln Financial Field.

The latest Army-Navy game was a classic, just like those that came before. Army knows the feeling of coming up short in the rivalry, not just once but twice, three times, four times, five. As the weather worsened, the snow collecting in inches on Lincoln Financial Field, the Midshipmen, hurting, trudged toward their bus, set for the drive back to Annapolis, aware that the next year will be spent thinking of one thing — how to fix what ailed this team, and how restore some order to the series.“It’s tough right now,” Niumatalolo said. Navy Midshipmen running back Malcolm Perry is unable to make a catch as Army Black Knights defensive back Rhyan England defends in the second quarter of the 118th Army Navy game at Lincoln Financial Field.

Before UK warship construction woes can be dealt with, a ruthless restructuring of project management practice in the Mo D and navy is required.

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The report also urges that Civil Service and industry expertise within project teams is retained by long-term planning and a regular ‘drumbeat’ of orders.

Army’s better, and the (American Athletic Conference) is better.”But this was coming: Army inched closer to Navy the moment it hired Jeff Monken four seasons ago and has since taken the lead, putting Navy in the position of scratching and clawing its way back to the top of this rivalry and the chase for the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy.