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So what if he was a handsome billionaire scientist? He really didn't want Eddy to know what he was up to."I'm . Davenport sighed gratefully before opening the program again and checking his messages. Adam had accidentally knocked over one of the steel drums onto Cathleen, knocking her out.

He had trouble getting a date."Hey, what are you doing? When she came to, though, thankfully she had forgotten all about the kids.

It's a show that signals much-needed change in Disney shows.

It's not perfect, but there are bound to be a few bad jokes here and there, they can't all be winners.

The whole family wouldn't have been possible without online dating.

When Mighty Med hospital is destroyed bionic heroes Bree and Chase come together with superheroes Kaz, Oliver, and Skylar forming an Elite Force, to find out who is responsible for the attack and take them down.

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The Lab Rats discover more about their past and about their abilities in hope to master them.

He gathered the three bionic teenagers into the main part of the lab and started working on their individual abilities, all the while thinking about his upcoming date with Tasha.

A few months would pass before Davenport would finally ask Tasha to marry him.

They save one another's lives at different points in the show.

The plot in most of season 1 is funny and entertaining, but season 2 is when it gets much more serious.

At least he wasn't the only one with annoying children. When Cathleen had discovered the children, she had decided to confront Davenport about their treatment.

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