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She remembers Pacho barking happily at the gate, recognizing Mondriana the first time she came to the mansion. It’s right that you should spend time with her.” EN OTRA PIEL – EL GRAN FINAL – Parte 2Diego puts the dije on Mondriana saying that this is what she needs to return. He says her promise was the only reason he agreed for her to let Mónica come back to rescue her children. She replies that she hasn’t exhausted all her resources. She tells the lawyer she’ll be out before he even can realize it. Mónica says that they’ll find the answers to all their doubts in the safe. They took the best offer, and he and Jennifer will have a new house to which to bring the baby home. She says: “Here are my hopes, my happiness, and my pain. Monday epi5as the procession to Guadalajar stops (and I'm thankful I'm not one of those guys making the trip on their knees), Sara spots Capi (brother to the guy she accidently killed) following them, she gets away quick with Salvador, but they are caught, and he is going to even the score by killing Salvador, but at the last minute he is shot dead by Tiburon, Capi was ordered by Indio to let Sara be, punto.a beat up Felipe, home in bed, has his secretary, Mariana, crawl onto the bed with him and he starts sliming on her, as they talk about her replacing him as Presidente Municipal de Tijuana, he wants a kiss and she asks if he's looked in the mirror lately, so he pulls her hand under the covers for a little...Diego comes into the room and asks if he could speak along with …her. At the pensión Eddie gives Valeria a blank invitation to go wherever she’d like to go with him. Elena is writing in her cell but the off-key piano is again heard in her head, freaking her out. Gabriel explains that Jennifer couldn’t come to the party. Jorge blurts out, rapidly, that he loves Selma and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. I’m taking my memories, my peace, and the good fortune to have known that my daughters have found happiness again and that they have it in their hearts to forgive. I'll see you over with the Reinamaniacs until the next one. , but his wife Josafina comes into the room, and Mariana be met on her way out by Berta who wants to know what's up with Felipe's beating, but Mariana is a confidential secretary so-to-speak, (the guy Ernesto, is that Berta's husband?When Elena was trying to get under the bunk beds in prison to escape the piano music, she almost couldn't do it due to her giant butt!I hope that shack on the beach wasn't Diego and Adriana's bar, too!I was happy (and not surprised) that Emi and Cami got to say goodbye to Mónica, but I didn't shed a tear.There were several things I did like about the episode: the interaction between Jorge and Selma, including his blurted-out proposal (thanks to Eileen's delightful prompting); Diego's finding the dije right away, rather than wasting half the episode with his searching for it; and Elena's final punishment, in prison and tormented by hearing piano music and even hallucinating the appearance of the green ghost. :-) En Otra Piel Thank you, Novelera, for your thorough recap of the finale and for all of your previous recaps.I'll be seeing you all in the comments section of Reina de Corazones, though! Cami has come in, but neither Adriana nor Emi see her.

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Lorena tells her she’ll never let her speak that way to her again. As Lorena and Jorge leave Elena starts shrieking after them, and the discordant piano starts up again. Marta tells Susi that Rodrigo is writing his telenovela day and night and is very, very happy. Adriana touches the dije and asks Emi if she’d like to say goodbye to her mother.En Otra Piel Novelera, many thanks for this final recap (and, of course, all the others you've done).

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