Filing consolidating corporate papers

10-Nov-2017 18:40

For life and health insurers, contact the Life & Health Division for more information.For property and casualty insurers, contact the Property & Casualty Division for more information. Include a brief description of the new policy forms and endorsements, and the date submitted to the Department, in the Plan of Operation (Item 6); Expansion Application Requirements: Electronic filing or hardcopy submission accepted.Redomestication of a Foreign Insurer In addition to the requirements included on the Redomestication of a Foreign Insurer chart, Missouri also requires the Certificate of Deposit.State Specific Items You may access Missouri State-Specific items at References State Specific Information Montana state- specific requirements for the Primary Application can be found at State Specific2018If the merger survivor changes its name, a full UCAA Corporate Amendment for a Name Change filing must be made. Legal References Mississippi Insurance Department's regulations and bulletins are available at the Department's website by clicking on the Industry menu and respective links.A link also is available on the Industry menu to a Lexis-Nexis Mississippi Code look-up via the Mississippi Secretary of State's webpage.

The Articles will be “tentatively” approved by the Department and returned to the company to then be filed with the Secretary of State.Montana state- specific requirements for the Expansion Application can be found at State Specific2018Corporate Amendments Montana state-specific requirements for Corporate Amendments can be found at Contact Tiffany Caverhill or Karen Beyl in the Rates & Forms Bureau at (406) 444-2040.Filings fees should be mailed to the Department at P. Box 79 Jackson, MS 39205 along with a cover letter identifying the Company/Insurer applying, NAIC Company Code and the UCAA Tracking Number.

Legal References For information about legal references with respect to insurance laws, regulations and bulletins, contact Debbie Doggett at 573-526-2944.

Refer to Title 11 of the New Jersey Administrative Code for the rules and regulations that govern Insurance.

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