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Visible to millions from the Western Wall, your name will be prominently displayed in our Grand Entrance Lobby.Guarantee Jewish survival by leading the worldwide Jewish renaissance and leave your descendants with the most meaningful legacy possible.In 1967 when Israel recaptured the Old City of Jerusalem, the Israeli government – knowing this was the most precious piece of real estate in the Jewish world – felt compelled to use it for something very special and important. Aish Ha Torah then proposed a Jewish educational center designed to give every person who visits the Western Wall a greater understanding of Judaism’s holiest site, and what that means in the larger context of Jewish destiny.Hearing this, the Israeli government said, “That’s the perfect concept.Named the Aish World Center Dan Family of Canada Building, it boasts a breathtaking view – directly overlooking the Temple Mount, rising seven stories above the Western Wall Plaza.The new Aish Center hosts thousands of visitors annually to a variety of educational programs including the world-famous Discovery Seminar, the Jerusalem Fellowships leadership program for college-age students, the Hasbara Fellowships for Israel activism training, the Executive Learning Center and the Essentials introductory program.As well, private individuals and organizations can arrange for events like bar mitzvahs, weddings and Shabbat dinners in the beautiful dining room or on the spectacular rooftop terrace.Western Wall Experience Also slated for the new building is the Western Wall Experience, a major attraction spanning three floors that takes visitors through a virtual tour of all of Jewish history – from Abraham until the present day – in a highly interactive, hi-tech environment.

In 2009, philanthropists, government officials and dignitaries from around the world gathered to celebrate the dedication of Aish Ha Torah’s spectacular new educational center directly across from the Western Wall.Make a dedication to Aish Ha Torah at the Western Wall – the most prestigious location on Planet Earth.Standing at the Wall is the moment when people are most open to exploring the meaning of Jewish identity and the role each individual plays in Jewish destiny.“Aish Ha Torah has spent the past four decades educating Jews about the beauty and power of our heritage, and this building is a culmination of those efforts,” says Rabbi Eric Coopersmith, CEO of Aish Ha Torah International.

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If there's a hole in the middle of the street, the municipality comes and erects a fence so no one will get hurt by falling in.(See a short film of the sculpture being installed.) The sculpture’s message, beauty and impact is so great that critics have likened it to the iconic Chagall Windows installed at Jerusalem’s Hadassah Hospital, with the Jerusalem Post calling it “one of the most significant works of glass art to be permanently exhibited in Jerusalem.” Model of the Holy Temple Another unique attraction at the new Aish building is a 1.2-ton model of the Holy Temple – which sits on the awe-inspiring rooftop terrace overlooking the site where the real Temple stood for 1,000 years before being destroyed by the Romans.